Don’t Be That Homeowner

August 28, 2016

You know the one I’m talking about.

In fact, you probably have been or are on the verge of being one.

The renovate to sell homeowner.

All I can say is what is this person thinking? Why didn’t you renovate 5 years ago? Why not enjoy your home and space NOW, not do it for someone else. Unless of course you are a serial house flipper (and we know that there really are few out there, because unlike the US – it is virtually impossible for the average person to do this in Canada, so you can just forget about it). If you are, call us. We do great house and interior design plus provide construction drawings for permit application.

But you’re not a house flipper. You are wanting to get the most bang for your buck. I get it, things happen, and some real estate agent walks in, and says that you’ll make money by renovating. And I’m not talking just painting, but major stuff. (I would love to have a chat with a few real estate agents that recommend this also – but this is for another time)

Course every instance is different.

So start by NOT being that kind of homeowner. Start small. Not asking you to break the bank. Look around your home. Its the small stuff that can make big changes. Brass door and cabinet hardware. Old light switches. Dated looking tiled floors (those square tiles with large grout lines). Old and worn carpets. These aren’t items that you require a specialist to do. You can accomplish them yourself, with a little bit of surfing. However, sometimes it requires hearing the hard facts to get you motivated.

Give us a call. For a flat fee, we can come out to your home and assess your situation. (Be prepared, it ain’t fun to hear, but in the long run it will pay off). Let you know what can be done right away, and what needs some long range planning. We provide a “go-to” list of items for short term, and long term, along with rough cost estimates and the people to contact to get them done. Even more, we can provide finishing specifications for each area, with the long range plan of having a fresh new look in your home.

This is maintaining your investment. Why do it for someone else to enjoy? Do it now. ITS YOUR HOME, PEOPLE. Who knows, maybe after we are done, you may not ever want to move!


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