Open Plan Living

January 30, 2013

Open Plan Room

We all love the open plan design that we view in magazines – lofty ceiling, amazing views – and picture ourselves with cocktail in hand, soothing music in the background.  But is it right for you?   It is important to weigh all the options – as sometimes it isn’t all you dreamed it would be.  

You may want to think twice if you check yes to any of these boxes:

– I have a great selection of art and paintings that I like to display (remember…fewer or no more walls)

– I have teenagers (yup – think hard on this one…make sure that they have their own gaming/study area outside of their rooms…otherwise they will look outside of your home for other places to hang out!

– I am a clean person, but not necessarily neat (hired help, anyone?)

– I am a neat and clean person and hate messes (OCD or borderline)

– I love ethnic cooking (care to share those odors with everyone?)

– I don’t have adequate storage in my house (losing a few walls can equate to losing storage and organization)

– Not sure if that wall I want to remove is a load bearing wall…(this is where you call us)


The key thing is, when designing open plan – you are inclined to want your home to conform to your immediate needs.  Anything can be done with time and budget  – however – don’t forget those future needs.  If you plan on only being in your home a short time, than no worries, but if you plan to feather your nest for awhile – give us a call and we can help you determine if Open Plan Living is right for you.  There are always options – and should be considered before you take a sledgehammer to that wall!

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