The Lighter Side of the Man Cave

August 29, 2014

Following is a article that appeared recently in Seaside Magazine June 2014 on page 52


The man cave, the male sanctuary. Ask any hard working, devoted family man if they would love a man cave, they would whole heartedly, and undoubtedly grunt, boy would I. Why does this mere mention of the concept conjure up such deep rooted enthusiasm? Perhaps is not just an overindulgent self-centered attitude, but in part a reflection of the post modern era.

Most men will admit that they defer to their better halves the authority over the whole house in terms of decor, so the man cave, therefore, is the last bastion where wagon wheel coffee tables, and beer can lamps can reign unabashed permanently on display. A place to unwind, and connect with other males like in the good old days, but all the while, still close to home.

Of course the ultimate man cave does not grow on trees, but really any space will do. Even if it’s just a lazy boy in the third bedroom with a set of headphones.

The decor, however, in order to be a true ‘man cave’ should be under the complete control of the occupant. Sorry ladies.

To view examples of the ultimate man cave, one has to only do a google search, and voila’ testosterone in overload. Go ahead, and drool. Guy’s it’s all there. Yes, other males really have these things. I know!

Big screens, bars, beer kegs, pool tables, vending machines, home theaters, dart boards, neon signage, bucket chairs, pinball, antlers, putting greens, framed autographed jerseys, motorcycles, and classic cars. Automotive, to hunting, to old diner themes, that are obviously not in everyones budget, nor allowable floor area. But if your wanting your own personal man space, it only needs one thing, to be a reflection of your own personality.

Man caves can be also be places for hobbies, such model building or music rooms, not just for sports, and entertainment, and championship games on the big screen. If you just want a quite place to read and reflect, your own personal space can be a great retreat.

They can be converted garages, basements, and attic spaces, or built into a new custom home. But like any other design creation it should start with working within the physical constraints, and budget. Don’t try and cram too much in to a tight space, and carefully consider all of your needs. First determine your use, what it is you want to do in your cave. Is it billiards, media, or hobbies? Then design to suit. If you have lots of space, create zones or areas that focus on certain activities. Invest in the decor, if it’s a nice space you will want to hang out there.

One thing though, before you get started, you should probably run this past the wife.