Top 5 Design Considerations for your Custom Dream Home

January 1, 2014

The top 5 extra things to consider when designing your next home

There are obviously many things to consider when designing your own home, from size to architectural style, to what side of the home should the living areas be on? Do you want open plan or formal living? How about wall ovens or a enclosed water closet room in the ensuite? These considerations can all be overwhelming. Most navigate through with help of a good designer, with decisions made based on personal needs, and stage of life. As long as you carefully consider your lifestyle most people tick off the major boxes. Below are my top 5 considerations.

The walk in pantry is becoming a second kitchen. We are all familiar with the benefits of the walk in pantry, but I find more people are expanding their kitchens to turn the old food storage closet into a functioning second kitchen, either for ethnic cooking or an improved butlers pantry complete with custom millwork, matching countertops and perhaps second fridge.

The media room. Getting the T.V. out of the living room has been a growing trend to move the tube into a dedicated entertainment home theater. As the electronics have become more sophisticated, so has the desire to create a purpose built room to contain the noise, and provide an intimate customized space perfect for the sports fan and movie buff. Think mini bar too?

Covered outdoor living. We all like to BBQ and living in Victoria can mean quite often your out cooking in the rain. Having, at a minimum, a small covered space to provide some shelter is a must. Full outdoor kitchens are also something to think about, and a growing trend which very well may be the next craze.

Laundry up or down? A common plan is bedrooms up, and living down. So the debate rages, what floor should the laundry be on? Should it be up with the bedrooms or where you spend most of your time, downstairs ? Most prefer to settle with the same floor as the bedrooms, but take the time to consider where you fit in the equation.

An ensuite for each bedroom. This is an emerging trend. To provide an ensuite for each bedroom. Yes, the kids get their very own bathroom. This was most likely not the case when you grew up, but some find works to minimize the sibling rivalry and fully customize the family home.

These are just a few of the new and no so new ideas homeowners are considering these days. Each have merit, to at least explore. Many will only get the chance build one custom in their lives, I say make it count.