Lisa Dunsmuir ~ Interior Designer

Lisa Dunsmuir - Interior Designer, Victoria BC
Interior designer Lisa Dunsmuir knows that interior design isn’t just about creating a pretty space. If your space isn’t functional and well planned, you won’t be satisfied. Good design starts with identifying your needs, evaluating your current space and making recommendations that will enhance a room or home without sacrificing functionality.

As co-owner of Step One Design, Lisa is familiar with every aspect of home design and construction and often collaborates with Michael on projects. She comprehends the technical details and uses her creative experience to design interiors that are useful, innovative and one-of-a-kind. A decisive, big picture thinker, Lisa makes sure no detail is overlooked.

Providing excellent customer service is second nature to Lisa. No matter what the size of the project, she offers the same high level of service. She knows that renovating your home can be an overwhelming experience and is always available to listen to your ideas, concerns and questions.

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