Addition Design in Victoria B.C.

July 30, 2012

In this post I wanted to highlight a Step One Design project nearing completion in Victoria. The aging structure was purchased by the homeowner with plans to lift the house, remove the existing basement and reconstruct a brand new lower floor below. The main floor was completely ‘gutted’ then renovated. An large addition was then designed at the front of the home for new living areas. Below are the existing photos, as well as the house lifted up in the air.
Once the house was lifted, new foundation walls were poured, with new framed walls to follow.  Below are photos of the new addition at the beginning stages of framing. The addition was to be the focal point for how the home was to look in the end. It was an opportunity to take a simple rectangular shape and add some interest and definition.

Below you can see the addition taking shape, with the design taking form.

In the next shot, the exterior finishes are being applied. The old log siding is gone and the entire house is re-cladded to tie everything together.  The original home looked old and tired, but with thoughtful design, anything can be made new. Following are some photos of the house woth the new cladding.

Full height rock columns are yet to be installed below the overhang at the front, with a sundeck to the side. The home isn’t quite done, one can see the transformation. Once completed, with the remaining details to be added, the home will look sharp.

At Step One Design, we can clarify your vision, help you define your living space requirements, and provide insightful information and design sense.   We respect, as was the case in this project, a clients desire to not “bulldoze” an existing structure.

If you have a home, or considering purchasing one that doesn’t quite fit your requirements, please give us a call, we would be happy to consult with you to determine if an addition or renovation is feasible.


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