Custom Home Design in Victoria, BC

February 28, 2012

Part 1 of 3

(Check out upcoming posts for further information on Hiring the Right Residential Designer, and The Process of House Plan Design)

Where to Start

So you have reached a point in your life where you have decided it is time to build your dream home. A custom home plan that incapsulates your lifestyle, tastes, and vision. Where do you start, and what are the things to look out for, that will turn this daunting task into reality? But most important, keep you on time, and on budget.

Perhaps this home is your first brand new house. It could be the first of many, or your one, and final home you have always dreamed of. In either scenario the same applies. Like anything in life, proper planning is always the best footing to begin. A solid foundation as they say.

Avoiding Pitfalls with New Home Building

Allow Yourself Enough Time

The first thing to realize is to allow the appropriate amount of planning to design your home. I would suggest 4-6 months (preferably 6), as an adequate amount of time for design, construction drawings, and building permit approvals. If you try and cram that into less, you will feel the pressure to make decisions, and to schedule your builder.

Location, Location, Location

Purchasing a building lot is the first major decision. This probably goes without saying, but the location should be where you want to live. It could be a waterfront lot, or a property with city views. Or perhaps it is a rural, or city lot, but in an area of town where you want to reside. Usually if you love your property, where it is, and what it looks over, you will likely love the outcome even more. Take your time, and be sure it fits the bill. Of course, in the Greater Victoria region, choices can be limited, and compromises needed  to meet the budget, but check off as many of the things you are looking for into the equation.

At Step One Design, we can help you determine if the lot you’ve selected can make the most of your space requirements while maintaining design integrity. Often, with zoning stipulations in Victoria, it’s challenging to determine if the lot you are considering is suited for the type of home and the amount of square footage you require. Give us a call at 778-433-1434 to schedule an appointment, or feel free to contact us if you need assistance to interpret the zoning bylaws.

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