Dealing with roadblocks in custom home design in Victoria BC

April 11, 2012

Dealing With Roadblocks in Custom Home Design in Victoria, BC 

In this blog I wanted to highlight a particular project that Step One Design was recently involved in. Our client’s required our expertise in gaining approval to build two custom homes constructed side by side in Victoria. The property was subdivided by an owner residing on the original lot. Two new lots were carved off and a subdivision application was granted from the municipality. We were hired after issues arose during the approval process long after the original subdivision application was approved. The developer was stalled at the municipality with a previous design and unable to obtain building permits. After being referred to Step One by another local developer, the applicant came to us, hoping progress could be made. We stepped in and dealt with the planning staff, subsequently redesigned the homes to gain the necessary approvals. Suffice it to say my client was very appreciative and satisfied with our results. We quickly turned a situation that had come to a dead halt, to being right back on track. What more could you want?

It not always smooth sailing when attempting to undertake projects in our region. Many times issues arise that can stall a project and cause significant delays which always result in increased costs. I was glad we were able to help. This sense of accomplishment is what drives our customer service mentality. We always want to go above and beyond in every thing we do. Quite simply: our clients matter, and what they are trying to achieve, we understand, is always a large financial undertaking.  We take their commitment seriously.

Below are some of the photos of the homes nearing completion. Our designs are drastically different from the previous yet met the requirements of both owner and municipal officials.

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