Finding the Right Residential Designer

March 5, 2012

Part 2 of 3

Hiring the Right Residential Designer

After you have settled on the location, itís time to find a professional designer to work with you.  Working with you is key. You want someone you connect with. A designer who listens to you, and pays attention. Review the designer’s portfolio – have a look at their completed work.

This is, also, where you also come in. Really think about who you are, and how you live. The size of rooms you like, and the design of the kitchen, and ensuite. Pour through magazines, rip out photos, and use post it notes to highlight. A great designer can take that information, process it, and come up with an array of design possiblities to suit your needs.

All this information paints the picture, and helps you and your designer to communicate your vision. The more the better. It all leads to a better plan. A plan that ultimately leads to a home with no regrets. More on that later, but in the end, if you are not continually saying, long after the trades are gone – “I should of done that” there’s a good chance you ended up with your dream home.

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Check out our upcoming blog about the house design process for more detailed info.

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