Ode to the 50’s Bungalow

February 17, 2012

Your first home was cute and charming, but with baby on the way, you quickly realized that space was at a premium. Should we build an addition, should we finish the basement? A quick assessment paints a clear picture that the lot size is too small, and that the finished basement isn’t really the way you want to go. Time to sell.

Advance 5 years. Your new 50’s style bungalow has a great amount of space, but really – what did they do in the 50’s? TV’s were small, with little entertainment to offer and volumes were low – so no need for a media room. Oh… and the kitchen – an “L”, not a lot of thought here – even that perfect triangle work space is lacking as well as countertop
real estate. Where did they put the microwave?

The pretty coved ceilings and fir floors (albeit gently used) are what really drove you to “fall in love” – that and that it was in your price range with potential for family growth. Now with Jr. number 2 on the way – thank goodness for the foresight!

You see the potential to push out walls, add another bedroom and bathroom on the lower floor. It’s just a big box right? How tough can it be?

Here’s the thing. Victoria is loaded with these 50’s bungalows. There are a great family home with a lot of advantages. However, when we drive down the countless streets (yes, primarily in Saanich – cause that is where most of the growth happened in the 50’s here in Victoria) it is nothing short of shocking to see some of the additions completed on
these 50’s bungalows.

There is what separates the skilled from the not so skilled. Yes – perhaps it is rather over confident to comment that we create designs for these homes that are far superior to others out there. The key thing about home design is that sometimes it’s easier to design within parameters, or set restrictions. It’s another thing to have a blank slate. And that is where the crux of the matter is with 50’s bungalows – they are that blank slate so to speak. Yes, you can guess right now what my next comment is. Badly designed additions and renovation to 50’s bungalows are borne out of someone without a lot of skill or vision for the final project, for form and function, for all around good sense of balance and taste.

Step One Design can provide home plans for an addition or renovation to this type of home (or any other, quite frankly) that will have the Jones’s driving by your home saying “Wow, look at the addition Bob and Susan did..it looks like it always was there.” That, my friends, is the sign of someone who is skilled in the industry. Yes, some say “overconfident”. I say “passionate about what we do.”

Have a 50’s bungalow in Victoria, British Columbia, or anywhere on Vancouver Island? We would love to help design home plans for you that will suit your requirements, work within your budget constraints, and look great when it is finished!

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