Arts and Crafts Renovation Design

50s Bungalow Transformation

Transforming the typical 1950’s bungalow into a beautiful arts and crafts style home is no easy task, but with enough ingenuity, this project is a perfect example of how to illustrate that anything can be renewed, and get a facelift.

The first impression we had on the initial site visit, was that the existing home did not have a functioning garage, other that a small single car attached to the side of the home from a previous addition.

We decided the home needed a proper modern double car garage, and that one would work perfectly at the side of the home. Further to this concept, his and hers offices would fit perfectly above the garage addition.

The design was beginning to take shape.

Next, we felt that a new entrance could be relocated to the opposite side of the living room. This would solve two issues, allow for the master bedroom side of the home to be more private, and provide a place for the new ensuite shower to fit where the original front entry was.

The existing kitchen was to remain, but the dining room was widened along side the new stair that was to serve the lower floor to add the much needed extra three feet in dining room width.

The lower floor was also renovated, to incorporate a new recreation room, (formerly, the old garage), a new exercise gym and custom juice bar to relax after your workout.

All of the existing sundecks were rebuilt, the old stucco removed and replaced with new concrete fibre siding. New accent rock and shingle cladding were incorporated to pull off the arts and crafts exterior.

The completed the transformation, proves that there is still lots of life left in the older homes, and the tear down isn’t always the only answer.

Arts and Crafts Renovation Rendering

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