West Coast Style Interior Design

80s Rancher Facelift

This 80’s rancher was in need of a facelift and a little bit of space planning. The kitchen was located in one corner of the great room – with access from main arteries directly bisecting laneways and work spaces within the kitchen. Taking out an angled wall and moving the work zones to the center of the space allowed for a much more functional layout for the kitchen and its occupants. A millwork concept plan, layout plan and 3D rendering were provided to the clients enabling to see the advantages of the proposed renovation and the vision of the west cost style interior design.

A cherry kitchen with a modern twist will always remain timeless and classic. One look at the detail of a mitered cherry drawer front, and the client was sold. This twist added to the transitional feel – and an eye for detail. The black quartz emphasized the sleek contemporary west coast look. A two level island created a cleanup zone on one side while on the opposite side a fireplace added ambience and warmth to the sitting area.

Much needed storage and pantry’s were added along with the luxury of wall ovens to move this kitchen into a high end appeal. The eye for detail was very apparent in the careful placement of the LED undercabinet lighting – mounted at an angle to allow light to bounce at the wall instead of the highly reflective black quartz surface.

Supporting the other west coast details, soft gray and green porcelain tiles were utilized in the kitchen, breaking up the new cherry floors in the main areas of the home, and the great room. The higher variation floor tiles were a counter balance for the less varied backsplash tiles, which were selected to provide texture, allowing both to create attraction as opposed to distraction.

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