Elvin’s Lair

50’s Bungalow Facelift

This 50’s 2 story bungalow was in much need of a facelift. The newly retired owners loved the location, their established gardens, and landscape. Thoughts of a revenue stream or perhaps a live in caretaker down the road gave them options to age in place. The primarily unfinished lower level was redesigned to house a small studio suite for this very purpose.

For just two, space was not a requirement, but function was. 1950’s construction typically does not allow for storage, so this was top of mind. The layout and function of the kitchen was carefully considered to allow husband and wife to equally move throughout the space for much loved gourmet dinners and entertaining.

There was no need to remove every surface either – it was a well loved home. Reclaimed oak floors were cleverly feathered to existing and added to the kitchen. Restaining instantly hide the blend – and look as if existing. The 1960’s vibe was cleverly woven throughout with eclectic touches of soapstone countertops (a nod to existing stone fireplace), stainless steel pin dot tile, and the owner’s love of bright boho color.

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