Welcome to the new STEP ONE DESIGN blog!

February 14, 2012

We are very proud and excited to showcase our new website.

So, a little history and background about Step One. Unfortunately, to provide history, we have to give you a little insight into who we are, and why this company was formed.

Michael and I go way back. 20 years ago we were hitched – together bringing a strong desire to one day start in business together. When we first met we toyed with opening an online sailing/boat hardware company – unfortunately Doc Freemans (which is telling… cause it’s no longer in business) would have been a daunting competitor. For those that are not sailing and boating enthusiasts, this was a large boating store – the absolute mecca for boat owners. Thankfully, this was not to be.

However, we had skills that at the time that were unrealized.

Michael was exceptionally talented in drafting at a young age and decided to further educate himself in all things technical in building and home design. He was lucky enough to be hired on with a well known design company here in Victoria, BC. Needless to say 17 years later (yes…with the same firm – talk about dedication!) it was time to venture forth into the unknown and finally embark in his own company. Through those 17 years, he built strong relationships with city and planning officials and contractors alike, gaining respect within the community. He built all the necessary skills to create construction plans for home renovations, additions and custom home design. Michael has natural and technical ability to work within parameters, listening to client’s requirements and needs and more importantly able to translate all this information onto paper and finally making the vision a reality.

For Lisa – unrealized skills took a little while longer to come to fruition. It is without a doubt easy to say that she is naturally gifted in the house and interior design industry. Part of this is gleaned from heritage – her father was a contractor, construction supervisor He was gifted with natural ability to problem solve, and seeing solutions beyond what was shown on any construction plan – this was something that was inherent in Lisa. On the job site, Lisa would not be far behind her father, looking over his shoulder and making endless suggestions as to what would be more functional and look more “balanced” (much to her father’s consternation). Lisa is constantly learning the trade – educating, through both basic education and experience, in all facets of the industry in design, color psychology, codes and procedures.

Fast forward to January 2011 – the launch of Step One Design. Our goal is to offer a “one stop” design company, where home owners, contractors and business owners can come and be provided with design services as a package, if required, making the process easier, and cost effective.

We both come with a tremendous passion for design, and ultimately because we both at a young age were brought up in family businesses have a desire to offer exceptional customer service. We are EXCITED to be, finally, in business together – doing what we absolutely love.

We would love to bring this passion for building and interior design into your project. Give us a call or contact us. We would love to speak with you.

Special thanks to Rob Dunsmuir at Custom Coding Group for our beautiful new website.

For stock plans please visit Step One House Plans